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Monetise your creativity.  Cut down your filmmaking duration. Prepone your Boxoffice receipts. Convert your script in 114+ global languages. Establish and manage Harkat (your own local filmmaking club). Get a gripping narration of your screenplay. Finalise your Cast, Crew, Locations, Services and Resources. Dynamically schedule and control your filmmaking project. 

Current Offerings

  • We offer our products as SaaS on Pay As You Go model.
  • Sample Scripts in Several languages available for testing.
  • Free Conversion/Narration of upto 5 pages. 70% discount upto 31st March.
  • Additional Discounts for yearly members, Language Pair Partners and Relationship Managers.

Conversion Studio

  • Convert your screenplay in the language of your choice.
  • Choose seperate languages and scripts for Dialogues and Action Lines.
  • Option of dual dialogue feature (original and translated dialogues side by side).
  • Option to get your translated script vetted by our Language Pair Partner.

Narration Room

  • Create Audio-visual Pitchdeck of your Script.
  • Create a one page Synopsis of your Screenplay.
  • Create Audio-visual Screenplay Analysis and Charactor Introductions.
  • Create a line by line Audio-visual Narration of your Screenplay.

Coming soon

  • Harkat (Local film making clubs).
  • Idea Mall (Commission Scriptwriting Assignments & Auction Your Projects).
  • Script Builder (Write or Audit your Scripts OR convert your Story into Screenplay).
  • Project Center (Schedule making of your film from Ideation to Exhibition).
  • Viewer's Lounge (Upload your Films and attract attention).
  • Subtitling of your Videos in the Language of your choice