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We are dreamers and creators, and we are here to assist you in realizing your dream film project. Whether you are a professional, an enthusiastic amateur, or want to make a film just for the kick of it, we are there for you.

For any aspect of filmmaking in which you require support, You can count on us. These include, inter-alia, generating or selecting an idea, generating a script from an Idea or a story, visually narrating an Screenplay, Translating an Screenplay in another language, and even previewing an Screenplay through a video .

Our products cater to the needs of Producers, Directors, Writers, Actors, Musicians, Singers, and Crew members. We leverage cutting edge technologies to assist creative pursuits at every stage of film production.

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@MNF we are

Democratizing Film making.

by using

Advanced Technology and Computing Power, to

Intelligently Automate several Creative Movie Making Processes &

Optimally organize Resources and Skills required by filmmakers

Once you set foot towards creating your own video content, you seek to find the right people to work with, this is where it gets complicated. Neither is it easy to find people nor is it easy to find work, adding on to it there is a plethora of equipment required.

Video or Film is the strongest expression tool we have, with the rise of the internet and technology video creation is expanding exponentially.

Filmmaking is an expensive pursuit due to its massive scale and dependencies Saving production costs is a big challenge in the entertainment industry. We simplify several finance consuming processes necessary for film production.

Our products use an in-house curated AI engine to provide customized solutions for everyone. We are developing advanced techniques and computing powers to optimize filmmaking procedures for our clients in the entertainment industry.

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Not so long ago in the year 1826 the first picture was clicked. First commercial film was released in 1895. Now in 2020 we are here to serve the Film Industry, if you are interested in joining hands click the button below.

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