Monetise your creativity.  Cut down your filmmaking duration. Prepone your Boxoffice receipts. Convert your script in 114+ global languages. Establish and manage Harkat (your own local filmmaking club). Get a gripping narration of your screenplay. Finalise your Cast, Crew, Locations, Services and Resources. Dynamically schedule and control your filmmaking project. 

Our offerings

  • We offer our products as SaaS on Pay As You Go model.
  • Sample Scripts in Several languages available for testing.
  • Free Conversion/Narration of upto 5 pages. 70% discount upto 31st March.
  • Additional Discounts for yearly members, Languag Pair Partners and Relationship Managers.

Conversion Studio

  • Convert your screenplay in the language of your choice.
  • Choose seperate languages and scripts for Dialogues and Action Lines.
  • Option of dual dialogue feature (original and translated dialogues side by side).
  • Option to get your translated script vetted by our Language Pair Partner.

Narration Room

  • Create a line by line Audio-visual narration of your screenplay.
  • Also create Audio-visual Pitchdeck, Screenplay Analysis and Charactor Introduction.
  • Create a one page synopsis of your screenplay.


Kafi badhiya hai (Too good).. ekdum feel aata hai (generates a real feeling)

Vipul Sharma

Other Translations give different meaning. This gives similar meaning.

Shreedhar karanji

Software will take care of the drudgery part and scriptwriter can concentrate on creativity. It is a very good product and has a great future.

Ravindra Badgaiyan

Mera aadha kaam ho gaya!.

Medh Pranav

Its a boon to Scriptwriters.